Are you an athletic woman who doesn’t want menopause to slow you down?

Then we should talk.

Wellness is a priority in your life. You’re passionate about your sport, but sometimes things get in the way of you performing at your peak. Are you experiencing any of these? 

  • You’re more easily fatigued after your usual workout. You sometimes feel exhausted for days.
  • Injuries occur more often and you’re recovering more slowly (and you’re really bummed about it).
  • Staying fit and active are important to you, but you don’t want to become “jacked.” In fact, embracing your femininity while training is crucial to you.
  • You feel drawn to using a natural approach to managing peri-menopausal and menopausal symptoms.
  • You’re ready to work hard to feel fantastic and age well.

I can help you!

As you approach menopause, shifts in your hormones can trigger a host of unwelcome side affects – an increase in recurrent injuries, systemic inflammation and less resilience. Now that mid-life has arrived, you needn’t feel that it’s downhill from here. By adjusting your recovery strategies, you can remain active and vibrant.

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Working with me, you will:


  • Learn practical tools to balance your hormones, quell systemic inflammation, develop a more mindful approach to your sport and sharpen your mental acuity.
  • See a significant decrease in sports injuries that are linked to peri-menopause and menopause.
  • Feel more comfortable in your body and confident in what you can accomplish.
  • Find that the quality of your whole life will improve, not just your sports performance.
  • Be amazed by the incredible ways your body works and heals when given the right tools, knowledge and environment.

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Hi, I’m Elizabeth Ewanchuk, creator of Not Your Momma’s Menopause. I’ve been helping women 40+ lead rich, full lives since 2008. My approach to supporting active women blends the best of traditional healing methods from around the world with leading-edge Western science. As a Wellness Coach, I equip women with practical tools that support the natural cycle of life so they can match their inner wisdom and drive with outer vitality and oomph.

This ain’t your momma’s menopause.

Embrace life and go get ‘em!

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My programs are suited to you if:

  • You’re an active woman at or near midlife and have no intention of letting menopause slow you down.
  • You’re serious about your sport, but find that your usual training and recovery strategies just don’t cut it anymore.
  • You would like to take a natural approach to healing.
  • You’re willing to invest the time and energy Not Your Momma’s Menopause programs require.

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Congratulations on taking the first step toward remaining active, vibrant and fabulous!

Once you submit your form, I’ll get in touch to arrange a time for us to chat. Together we’ll review your application and decide which Not Your Momma’s Menopause program is right for you. During the call, there will be ample time for you to ask questions and pick my brain. If you have a general question, feel free to call me at 416.992.2440 for a quick chat. I look forward to talking with you!

I’ve been physically active most of my life but this past year changes in my life forced me to become unexpectedly inactive. This brought about a lot of stress and my body found a way to symptomatize it. My neck and upper back were totally blocked for months but with patience, care, and good energy Elizabeth made it all go away. After six sessions, combining Thai massage techniques, acupressure where needed and exercises at home, I’m pain-free and able to cope better with life’s abrupt changes!

Gaby F.

Since I started working with Elizabeth, I’ve seen a distinct improvement in my joint mobility, posture and body awareness. She has the most amazing intuition about what’s going on in my body. She knows when to take a gentle restorative approach and when to work with her thumbs and elbows. Elizabeth’s homework recommendations help keep the positive changes happening. I don’t know how I’d manage without her healing touch.

Gillian W.

I first came to Elizabeth to rehabilitate chronic SI and IT band problems, but I ended up benefiting in ways I never could have imagined. Under her gentle guidance, my body let go of long held tensions and I’ve been able to access a deep well of stillness and calm. This has benefited both my sport and my everyday life. Elizabeth is truly a gem – I can’t recommend her highly enough!

Anne M.

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